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How can I pay my insurance bill?

Options for making your regular premium payments

We want to make bill paying simple for you. Here are some tips to avoid cancellation and make the process easy.

Pay Plans - We recommend one of 2 payment methods:

  • Annual - Paying all at once will help you avoid installment fees and take advantage of annual payment discounts.
  • Monthly Bank Draft - Monthly EFT plans allow you to spread out your payments and make sure that you won't forget to mail a check.

Each company has their own plans, but nearly all of them offer Annual and Monthly EFT plans. Some will even combine the billing for multiple policies into one account bill.

Payment Methods - We have multiple methods for you to make your payments:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer - Bank Drafts are convenient and ensure that you never miss a payment. You will also likely save money on installment charges.
  • Pay Online with holleyinsurance.com - We have links to all of our companies' payment centers in the Policy Service tab of our website. Just click the Pay Your Bill section and click the link for your company.
  • Pay By Phone - The Pay Your Bill page has the phone numbers for each of our carriers.  If you need to pay with a credit card by phone, simply call them directly.  We can NOT accept these payments at our office beyond the initial policy set up.
  • Mail - If you get a paper bill, there should be an envelope and pay stub included.  Simply mail them along with a check or money order for your payment to the address provided.

We may have accepted your initial premium payment in our office in order to set up your new policy.  However, we ask that you use the options listed above for future payments rather than paying in our office.  Processing payments in the office takes time, which means that we are not available to handle more pressing service needs like claims emergencies, policy coverage reviews, etc.   We want to be there for you when you need us MOST.  Paying your premiums directly to your company helps us to accomplish this.

For the safety of our staff and the security of your premium dollars, we do not accept cash payments under any circumstance.